Maniac In Palo Alto photobook now available

Maniac In Palo Alto is a photobook with a collection of images taken in Palo Alto. I played the part of “The Maniac” in a short film. While on the set I took a lot of photos, the film was shot at an artists residence in Palo Alto, CA. There was so much that I learned about displaying your collections, this artists had an eclectic mix of items ranging from succulents, crosses, antique tools, and various other items.

Most of us artists have varied collections which inspire us. Sometimes it can get a little overwhelming with the amount of junk we have in our studios, garage, or living room. We might even just get to the point where we wonder what we will do with it all. This residence gave me various examples, i recorded it for ideas, and inspiration for what to look forward to after decades of hoarding… yes come on admit we hoard not collect.

You can buy it from my shop on Etsy

Pictured below is the first customer of the book, debuted at a zine fest